Chances of finding work as an ordinary seaman

Think I might just do piney point or msc. Hopefully my mmc come in in about 2 weeks since they just mailed my med cert

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Both good options, good luck!


Almost all the companies down the bayou are hiring. Get on a boat and get some experience. You can then start adding certs/endorsements. Work your way up. Don’t ever stop improving.


Everyone starts small :slight_smile: Try to consider different options, for example, my friend got into the submarine as a sailor and was satisfied :slight_smile: Now he has a great experience.

Hay I’m from Duval as well! I went to Bluewater and I’m an OS. I am currently in the GOM. I work for Tidewater Marine. Look up the company. This was an uphill fight to get on but it will happen. I did the online application thing for months and nobody hired me. So I saved up some more money ( after paying for schooling out of pocket ) and drove up to Louisiana. I printed up a list of 13 companies and had Google connect them on a single map. Took me 6 days and a return trip plus hotel fees but here I am. If you really push yourself you will find what you’re looking for. This is my first hitch. I have been on since late March. I need 180 (120 GOM ) for my AB. I’m not leaving until i secure the seatime for my next rating. ( That’s as long as I’m not kicked off the vessel ). I’ve also called Bluewater and set up a class schedule for my AB. My company dosen’t have a permanent OS position so to me I don’t have the luxury of getting off after my 28 and going home then coming back. Again, I must secure a stay with seatime and a higher rating…and of course better then average job and task performance coupled with preferably people skills. Let me know if I can help in anyway. The people on here are BIG FISH. They know this world and will tire fast of beginner inquiries. But read and watch. The thing about being down at the bottom, is that the bottom is where ALL of the dropped jewels and gold lay! MAKE SURE YOU GET YOU SOME!!!


That was pure inspiration lol do you have rfpnw?

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Lol thanks! Only trying to help. And yes I have my RFPNW.

Please clarify. Tdw told you you have to work straight time to keep a job? I find it hard to believe they don’t have OS billets but maybe something changed since i worked for them.

Thats a great example of how competitive it is for an entry level guy these days and the hoops one may have to jump through.

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No. Please reread what I said. I’m working straight time on MY OWN accord. If you worked here then you know that’s NOT the way of this company. These are my personal thoughts and reasoning. All of the deck personal I’ve came across are AB or better. I took that as a sign to do the same. Again NOBODY IS MAKING ME DO THIS. I WANT TO DO THIS.

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Thats good…sounds like you are in a good place and are on the right track. I hope it works out for you and i wish you the best of luck.
Many have negative things to say about tdw. I could too, but I won’t because my positive experiences while employed there outweigh the negative. I got really good seatime there tonnage wise, they helped me get my engine license and once I had it i got promoted quickly. I would have never left if it wasn’t due to self preservation.

I’m currently finishing up my AB classes (AB,PSC, RFPNW). I started in this industry in mid December. From my experience the easiest way to get hired in as entry level is go down to the bayou, and have a professional resume. I already had my STCW/BST stuff but if a company is really hurting they may run you through it themselves. Be humble, not a dickhead. You’ll most likely end up on a supply vessel or crew boat, maybe a tug. Hitches right now are probably 28/14 and watches are 12-14 hours, and sometimes they will really work the dogshit out of you. Follow orders and listen more than interjecting. You can learn an immense amount fairly quickly if you work on many different types of vessels. Get your 120(180) days and all your AB,PSC,RFPNW,VPDSD,OPITO stuff. A lot of doors open for you if you put in the effort and you can move up faster than any other industry I’ve worked in.


So good for you to take time to bitch that others are being nice and helping the newbie. If you don’t like what you see then don’t look.

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Right back at yah

As always, if I can be of help to any of you in providing nice, affordable accommodations, and a few tips, I still offer a discounted rate of $75/night to mariners looking for work.
If you check in on a Sunday afternoon between 3:00 -6:00, I will be happy to go over all of the companies in the area, locations of each, and contact personnel to help you along the way. There are many companies getting new contracts and have to man the boats, so many are hiring now. But, yes, you have to come down and meet with them. You ultimately can make it happen. You just have to take a leap of faith.
Best to all of you.

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Do yourself a huge favor and go to a school, whether that’s an Apprentice Program ala Piney Point, or a Maritime Academy of some sort.

You will save years of time grinding your way up the hawsepipe, and you’ll come out with a combination of higher seniority and endorsements/ratings (SIU, unions), and/or an officer’s license (academy/4yr).

I, personally, have gone the hawsepipe route, and would have been well ahead of the game had I just gone to PP when I started the process 3+ yrs ago. As it is now, (via SIU), I’m low on the totem pole for jobs, even though I have AB, Tank Assist, RFPNW and all the other crap to make myself more “qualified” for jobs.

It gets better once you start sailing, but if you’re in a position to take time for school, you’ll not regret it.

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Sailors Union Of The Pacific

I believe Main Maritime has a 2 year “workboat” type school that gets towing and limited license? There are some other workboat academies out there too.

If the goal is the wheelhouse, then why spend so much time on the deck if one can shotgun the process with school?