Castaways Survive 33 Days By Eating Coconuts, Conchs & Rats

I read 3 articles about this trio but none have said if they were yachters going somewhere or rafters looking to escape Cuba. Either way, glad they made it & I’m interested in hearing more about their Bahamian vacation.


" the three people were hoisted into a rescue helicopter and taken to Lower Keys Medical Center, a hospital in Key West, the Coast Guard said they had no reported injuries."

“After the three people were evaluated at the hospital, they were handed over to the U.S. Border Patrol, the Coast Guard said, and later transferred to Immigration and Customs Enforcement.”

Let’s get this straight, the CG spots some people on an island that is part of another independent nation, the Bahamas, and does the right thing, they drop them some food and water. A little later the CG sends a helicopter to take them to Key West. After the docs check them out they are turned over to the border cops and enter into the black hole of the taxpayer funded immigration and deportation process.

Considering Nassau is just about the same distance and is the capital of the independent nation on which those three were found the question remains, why were they not dropped off at the hospital there?

Why in the World is the American taxpayer lifting people off the soil of a sovereign nation and paying to, in essence, kidnap them and hold them in the American gulag?

I doubt this couple & their friend are still being held regardless if they were fishermen, refugees or yatchers. If they are wealthy they are probably staying with friends or family around Miami. If they are refugees they are probably still staying with friends or family waiting for housing & food vouchers figuring out their new free phones given to them by uncle Sam.