Cassens & Plath Professional Sextant For Sale

Never taken out of original plastic container. Certificate #6904, Micrometer Sextant No. 34543. Ships from San Francisco Bay area. Please make an offer.

Listed on eBay:

Plastic container, how sweet.
Mine is in a rosewood box.
Offers welcomed!

If we are going to be getting snobby about our sextant’s…

If I was going to be snobby I would point out that it was sextants, not sextant’s.

Do you have a ballpark of where you want to be? Otherwise you’ll probably get some pretty insulting lowballs.

I will deal with reality as I experience it.

I’ll start the bidding @ $25



Touché. Do you by chance have any grey poupon?

I think you meant $27.

Well, I googled it but still none the wiser.

If we’re going to encourage the use of correct grammar, we should point out to @John that Top Contibuter is misspelled. Correct spelling is Top Contributor.

Listed the sextant on eBay:

Why? C. Plath and Cassens & Plath are both equally high quality sextants.