Carnival Splendor 2010

Was searching for some technical information on this event - remember the ship lost power off the west coast after a fire and was towed back to port? Anyway found this guys posts about the response. Seemed pretty interesting to see story from someone with a perspective from the inside the bridge rather than shaky phone-camera videos and instant tweet-analysis of a situation. Felt like a prototype way to deal with the passenger information flow rather than adopting defensive posture or sharing too little too late. For what it is worth.

Interesting read, rumpy pumpy? Good description of being in an emergency.

I don’t recall that incident but a lot of people were wondering about the big crusie ships with multiple E/Rs loosing everything in a fire in one space. Was the redundancy failure inadequate design or some weird failure path no one anticipated?

As far as telling passengers early, that could be the result of good training, that’s covered in, I forget which class. Obstacles to giving an early warning, the tendency to want to verify exactly what is happening first and the belief that the pasengers might panic or the warning turn out to be unnecessary.

Better to do just as they did and immediately start to warm the passengers up slowly to the idea that something is wrong. People are less prone to panic than believed but early warning will led to quick action if things take a bad turn.

Thanks for the post, that was a good read.