Career Path

[QUOTE=bparker;41978]Discourage from a maritime career or working towards become a pilot?[/QUOTE]

My post was more an observation about the thread then advice and wasn’t entirely serious. Working towards being a pilot might be a good goal. Asking what is the best path to a pilot’s job is kind of like asking what is the best path to a political office. What ever path you choose there is a chance you might lose out to someone who has not worked as hard as you and is less qualified.

I know that for the NY/NJ pilots to be considered you need to graduate from an academy or coast guard, have 3rd mate, and be less than 27 years old to apprentice. After five years of apprenticeship you can make Pilot. A good number of the apprentices i know worked on tugs in NY while applying. If you are young it can be done.

As an engineer I know nothing about a career path for a pilot; still don’t know how you deck guys can stand all that sunshine and fresh air. But if you’re going to make this business your career, think about a maritime academy.

26 years ago I got a job in the oilfield as a deckhand to pay off a student loan for auto body school and to buy some tools. Fell in love with the work, the money (such as it was in 1984) and the time off and I’m still in the industry.

But in the long run, depending on your plans, not having that degree can close off doors to other career paths. I had an assistant once from King’s Point, an excellent man. He eventually got on with Lockheed Martin in a naval shipyard in Puget Sound, a great shoreside job. He wanted me to come there since they had a few other openings. I was interested, but the deal breaker was that being a hawsepiper, I did not have the 4 year degree.

Could I have handled the job? Yes, no problem, but I could not be considered unless I had that piece of paper.

Just something to think about. Good luck!

First find out which Pilot assn or assn’s that interest you. Then walk into the office and find someone, preferably a pilot and ask him or her what it took to get in the assn. Go straight to the source. Every assn is different. You will probably need to get a license so think about an academy. However I know of a pilots assn that requires at minimum a third mates license or a regular (non academy) BA, or BS degree. Some require an exam. If the assn gets their new people by voting in an applicant you will have to make sure they know who you are. Remember these jobs are local. It different than applying to a shipping company. Have another goal to work towards just in case in doesnt pan thru. These guys aren’t NASA astronauts but it is limited and competitive. It definetley pays to know somebody on the inside. Good luck and don’t listen to all the negative garbage