Captain - Host Terminals - Baltimore, MD

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Who is this outfit? What do they have for boats?

I work for the Corps of Eng in Bmore. Never heard of them. I see mostly Dann Marine Towing boats at CSX…

This is interesting. T Parker Host is a mainly shipping agent company. I know they are branching out in to a few things like launch boats in Balt and Norfolk but I didn’t think they were going to jump into tugboats.

I have seen agencies with launch services and little tugs and barges delivering stores, parts and so one to ships.

I can picture an agency breaking into ship docking. They have the relationships with the principals.

I’d say being new to tugs it’s a 35% chance they’d be amazing to work for with a fresh outlook on things, but more likely a %65 chance they have zero clue whatsoever on how things work and it would be a miserable experience.

They won’t be breaking into shipdocking. Buckley and his counterpart at the other big red won’t let that happen.

Not to mention Krause who gets the scraps is in Baltimore to. Not enough meat on the bone for a fourth

If Host is looking to own or operate tugs in Baltimore, you can be sure they’ve secured some kind of contract or agreement with somebody to provide those services. The folks at Host are sharp and don’t do anything willy nilly.

There has been too much consolidation in the tugboat industry. The little local mom and pop companies run by people who grew up on tugs that were the backbone of the industry are being bought up by Saltchuk, Kirby, and a few other large companies that are run by accountants and lawyers who know nothing about tugs and only care about dollars. This is not good for the industry, the country, or for mariner’s.

I do not hear about many new entrants to the tugboat business, or about much growth in the small family companies. It’s nice to see small ne entrants, and I wish the folks at Host the best.

Sounds like they have some contract with CSX… Or maybe they’re head hunting for Dann?

Anyone talk to them??

I have a buddy that is at the interview now for them. I’ll post back when I hear.

It’s just doing runs from CSX Curtis bay to Brandon shores. Baltimore harbor only. They bought a Crosby tug from LA.