Capt. Murphy's trade anyone...?

I’m looking to trade for a set of Captain Murphy Study Guides…
…some cool things I have: BRAND NEW still in the box DeLorme Earthmate PN-20 handheld GPS with all the chart disks, SLIGHTLY USED Suunto X9i GPS watch (in the box with everything), Alpine Micro compound bow with quiver, sights, and hard case; Gary Fisher (made in USA) Mountain Bike, RC Speedboat w/ controller…I have many tools from my shipwright days…what are you looking for?

I have some of the best Alabama Hybrid Bird Dogs “DOUGs” on the way, I’ll trade one pup for that RC Speedboat! To anyone else they are goin for da lo lo if interested. Ask my boy c.captain, he got one from the last litter, hasn’t had to take a gun hunting with him once this season and still limits out every time.[ATTACH]4167[/ATTACH]