Can you think of Characteristics that differentiate maritime assets from other similar industries (Regarding spare parts)?

Maritime assets have notable characteristics similar to other industries with moving assets such as aircraft/aerospace, defense units, and automotive. Usually operate away from the base in remote areas and are in constant movement.
Ships (most of them) are operating under random environments, in isolation from repair facilities, and spare parts storage.
The vessel (and the equipment) is in an environment that is highly corrosive, with turbulence and vibrations.

Crews rotate through and spare parts are always being lost, moved, or used and not replaced.

It was marked “received” by the other crew, but they didn’t note where they put the parts, or if they used the parts.

Can we suppose that it happens often (and only in maritime)?

This point I think is a characteristic.

Can you think of Characteristics that differentiate maritime assets from other similar industries (Regarding spare parts)?



The same part I can get at Home Depot costs me 100X Offshore.


Yes to the question, but can we add some more points to those mentioned in the introduction?

Anecdotal evidence, but it seems like it happens all the time. Spare parts and consumables. It seems like they go out of their way to order the wrong shit.

If there was a 3d printer onboard I guarantee it would be fucked up within the first month and they would order the wrong parts to fix it.

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no, I don’t believe we can

Airplanes carry few - if any - spares because space and weight are critical. All airline and air freight operations give top priority to AOG shipments. AOG = airplane on ground, so they have optimized quick delivery of needed parts.
While cars and trucks usually have spare tires, car and truck parts are not that hard to find in most areas. I suspect very few cars, trucks, or busses are equipped to do major repairs by the side of the road.
Being at sea is like being in space. In the near term at least, anything that breaks can only be fixed with parts you already have with you. I suspect few other transportation sectors even approach what would be a normal compliment of spares on a boat/tug/ship.

The reason aircraft don’t carry spare parts is because repairs are impossible while in flight. The only recourse following a catastrophic failure of a vital component is to land without crashing or killing anyone.

I would agree “Ships (most of them) are operating in isolation from repair facilities, and spare parts storage.”
I am looking for Characteristics that differentiate maritime assets

You can start by not calling them assets, they are liabilities.

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The characteristics that differentiate maritime assets are all of the salty dogs that drive and fix them!

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Is their supposed to be an academic study of why the crew before me hid all the fuel filters where no one could find them?

People make the difference, but why?
Is it because they have the skills to do the repairs with what they have in hand?

Spares that are misplaced is a known problem, but is it because crew is rotating?

Hypothesis: The other crew are a bunch of dumb motherfuckers.

The same part in the same box doing the same job …

costs twice as much if it appears in a marine spares list