Can you suggest a spare part fulfilling as many as possible of the points:

Suitable parts for 3d printing could be:

  1. Of small size that can fit in the process chamber
  2. Of small order quantity
  3. Infrequently demanded
  4. Of high value
  5. Of high design complexity
  6. Of high supply risk.
  7. Items requiring short delivery times
  8. Other (specify)

enough pumping us for information so you can complete your term paper or whatever it is you are trying to do here. this latest one is utterly ridiculous and I for one don’t want to see any more from you


Integrated circuit boards, ftw.

I think you brought up the part that is fulfilling too many of the points!

According to 3D opportunity for electronics, by using conductive inks in combination with base materials, printers can 3D-print electronic objects as a single, continuous part, effectively creating fully functional electronics that require little or no assembly. Some AM analysts expect 3D-printed electronics to be the next high growth application for product innovation in the next five years.

Mahto, Μ. & Sniderman, Β. (2017) 3D opportunity for electronics, Deloitte University Press

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