3D Printing Spare Parts Questionnaire for academic research

We are conducting research aiming to explore the potential of 3D Printing Spare Parts for the Maritime Industry.
This questionnaire is for getting the opinion of people aboard a vessel and land office.
There are about 20 multiple choice questions.You may also write your point of view if you like. Your answers are valuable to us.
We would appreciate your comments on the subject.
Link to the questionnaire
Evanthia Kostidi
PhD Candidate in additive manufacturing (3D Printing) in the maritime industry
University of the Aegean
Department of Shipping, Trade and Transport

I think you need to ask yourself as a Mech Eng, what parts on a vessel could be 3d printed and can be used without machining and be strong enough.

Thank you for your comment. Your answers are valuable to us. From the literature review suitable parts for 3d printing could be those mentioned in the questionnaire (infrequently demanded, high value, Items requiring short delivery times, small size … etc).
We would like suggestions of spares fulfilling as many as possible of the above points?
Are there digital/electronic catalogs (as those Navy has) to assist in spotting (sellecting) suitable parts?
We would appreciate your comments on the subject.
Evanthia(Eva) Kostidi