Can I volunteer my time on a seagoing WW2 ship in exchange for sea time?

I live in the Tampa, FL area where we have a seagoing WW2 era ship (S.S. American Victory). I am currently in the process of taking my Basic Safety Training STCW-95 course so I can apply for my MMC. Would I be able to volunteer my time doing deck or engineroom work (my background in the Navy) in exchange for sea time? The ship is docked most of the year and goes out in the Gulf every so often. Any information would be greatly appreciated. Thank you.

You’d have to ask them, I’m sure their crew gets seatime credited when they get underway though.

As noted, you need to ask them. But, you will need to have the approriate endorsements for whatever position you are serving in (which may include STCW) and, time that is not underway will be discounted, see 46 CFR 10.232(e).

snipes get time at the pier if gennys are on.


It is worth asking them. I remember people getting seatime from volunteering on the J O’brien in SF