Can I obtain my AB unlimited?

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So I have around 1,200 days of seatime on fishing vessels. Half if it on a 72 gross ton F/V and the other half done on a 33 gross ton F/V. I decided to stop fishing and obtained my OS. I know am working for a tug company and I am wanting to obtain my AB.

On the coastguard website it says that 1,080 days is enough to get your AB unlimited. Is there a tonnage involved with those days needed? The AB Limited says it requires days to be logged on a 100 GRT vessel, but the AB unlimited says nothing about tonnage.

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The AB unlimited has no tonnage requirements, but the 1080 days has to be on ocean waters as opposed to inland.

Apply for unlimited. Worse comes to worse when you get a response and if they need more information, you’ll find out if you are lacking anything and/or you evaluator needs clarification on something. Worst case you can very likely change your app, get ab-special then upgrade to unlimited down the road…

See 46 CFR 12.403(a)(1).

The minimum service required to qualify for the various categories of endorsement as able seaman is as follows:

(1) Able seaman—unlimited. Three years of service on deck on vessels operating on oceans or on the Great Lakes.

Your employment opportunities may be limited if you don’t also have the Able Seafarer Deck endorsement. Do you have RFPNW?