Calculating GRT for Mariner Credentials

It’s not unknown…

You’re not.

It doesn’t need to be in GRT.


No, did you bother read the CFR citation jdcavo linked earlier?

If this thread was about filling out the vessel gross tonnage on the CG 719S form. Using the NMC guidance document for filling out the form it states:

“Vessel Gross Tons: To receive credit toward endorsements with tonnage limitations of
over 25 GRT, the applicant must supply the GRT (water displacement) of the vessel on
which they are claiming service. If unsure of the GRT of the vessel, please be sure to
provide the width, length, and depth of the vessel on this form. All three measurements
are required so that displacement may be calculated for you.”

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I was just able to read it thoroughly. Looks like my time on this vessel will count as GRT! That’s great news!