Any Advice on Calculating Time and Tonnage?

What is the formula for calculating time and tonnage? Also, how are 12 hour days incorporated?


[QUOTE=Rocket187um;16012]What is the formula for calculating time and tonnage? Also, how are 12 hour days incorporated?


Hi Rocket,
Can you give me a little more clarification on your situation? Are you on a vessel that is underway for less than 4 hours at a time? Or are you on a vessel that is away from home port but alongside a dock for a large amount of time? If so, there are a few special issues, but I’ll assume your situation is pretty straightfoward and that you are working on deck.
In the sea time letter you get from the company, have them list your job and the days you were on the ship, and have them include the route the vessel was on, i.e. Pacific ocean, Gulf of Mexico, inland Mississippi River, etc.
As far as tonnage goes, the company should list the GRT and ITC tonnage of the vessel. For the most part, you will get credit for the GRT tonnage, unless the vessel is manned per ITC tonnage. Ask your company and have them include that in the letter if applicable.
With regards to 12 hour days, typically, you will be granted time and a half for that, but it is really up to NMC, and I think it is just a guidance that they refer to. To the best of my knowledge, there is no regulation that they must give you time and a half, but I also haven’t heard of anyone not getting that credit. Make sure your company puts that your days worked were 12 hour days. They can even make it easier on NMC by listing both the number of sea days and then the time and a half. For example:
Total days underway = 60 (all 12 hour days = 90 days)
The USCG counts 360 days as a year, so if you need “3 years” to get your license, then you need 1080 days. Conceivably, you could get that by working 720 12hr days.
I hope that helped. Let me know if I didn’t answer any of your questions.

Just the clarification I was looking for! Thanks

A similar/somewhat related question, even though I think I already know the answer.

I worked on a ferry (<100 ton) for like 6 months as a deckhand and got a sea service letter out of it, just incase. Can I use this time to upgrade to 2M AGT? I know that 180 of the 360 days has to be unlimited tonnage to upgrade, but I’m not sure if there are any other limitations on the other 180 days. I’m pretty sure the letter is useless, but I thought I’d throw it out there.


The letter is not completely useless. Paper airplanes or toilet paper in a bind come to mind as options.

Here’s the e-CFR reference for 2nd Mate AGT. See section (b)(2).

hmm so i guess an inland ferry really does me no good - it’s such nice paper though - it might make a real nice paper airplane!

Keep it. I seee lots of ferry job announcements that want prior ferry experience–that nice paper you have will at least validate ferry time if you ever want to do it again.