Cal-Maritime proposes new polytechnic institute on campus

California Maritime Academy has taken a definitive step toward dropping anchor in Vallejo’s downtown, a spokesman said Monday.Talk of establishing a Cal-Maritime downtown satellite campus is not new, but the school is taking a harder look at the prospect, said Cal-Maritime spokesman Doug Webster.
To that end, Cal-Maritime is hiring a consultant to prepare a needs assessment, and to look at the idea from a number of angles, Webster said.
One option is to establish a polytechnic institute which would carry on Cal-Maritime’s traditions of specialized training but expand that into other disciplines, Cal-Maritime Provost Jerry Jakubowski said.
Polytechnic schools, such as California Polytechnic State universities in San Luis Obispo and Pomona, help prepare students for today’s scientific and technical world.
“Right now the California Maritime Academy is rather limited in the number of programs we offer,” Jakubowski said. “All of the programs are directed toward the maritime industry. We want to see if there’s a need for us to offer other programs.”

“Polytechnic” is that the new fancy term for non-regiment cadets?

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I guess this could be a good thing for area community college students and the like although it would be nice if cal-maritime would focus on fixing the crappy job they’re doing with existing majors/programs before even thinking of expanding the institution.

It makes sense. The last few years they have been getting more incoming engineers than deckies. And more and more of those engineers are opting for shoreside jobs. Probably most engineers now never sail after the academy. Also the campus is bursting. Not enough room for everyone. When I went there they let just about anyone in. Now they actually turn away some people.

Can you go in to detail about what you are referring to? what’s the crappy job they’re doing?