Bridge team management & bridge resource management


I would like to know wether the trainning courses bridge team management and bridge resource management are the same course or there is any difference between them.I am witting from europe(spain) and here normally the companies request the bridge team management but I was in touch with a company which requested both and I really don´t know this was a mistake.

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They are the same. Courses with either name approverd by the U.S. Coast Guard meet the same regulatory requirement. The STCW uses thew term “bridge teamwork” while in the U.S. the term “Bridge Resource Management” is more common, this term is derived from the origins of these concepts in aviation as “cockpit resource management.”

Note that although this requirement is new to the STCW per the 2010 amendments, it has been required of all U.S. certified mariners serving as officer in charge of a navigational watch, chief mate, and master on seagoing vessels since the implementation of STCW95 in 2002, and for all deck officers on U.S. flag oil tankers since approximately 1992.

first of all to thank you for your valuable information

,I was asking in a spanish forum but nobody was able to answer me clearly

now I posted there your information

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If the readers of that Spanish forum have similar skills in English as I do in Spanish, they will not notice the many typos in my post (my father is Gallego, but I have very limited fluency).

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don´t worry about your typos in the post because your information was easily unders,tood and valuable
the question was ,a spanish manning agency crewing italian vessels where I was working asked me about the BTM & BRM because an italian company diferent from the company normally I am working on, requested them to send chief mates holding the courses bridge team management/bridge resources management and they didn´t know wheter this meant one of them or both,now this is clear.

on the other hand I am gallego as well,from a town named ferrol(la coruña)

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