Bridge development and future

How have the bridge layout and equipment developed in you time at sea and how do you think it will develop in the next decades?? Here is my take:

From the 1960s

PS> The radar is not original from that time. This the original (installed 1950):

From the 1980s:

Paper charts only. (Chart table were no longer separated room from the bridge)



Screen, screens everywhere, each with its own function (and alarm).

In the not too far future the “bridge” will move to shore based control centers:

The “operators” will work shifts and live at home, but still need maritime knowledge, coupled with new skills and re-education.

There were none apart from the Pilot’s Chair and God forbid if you were caught sitting in it.
There was occasionally a daybed for the Old Man to recline on if it was foggy.
You did your 4 hour watch on your feet and looking out of the windows.
If you were Cadet you did your 4 hours out on the Bridge wing, regardless of the weather.

The bridge on the new fishing vessel “Gitte Henning” is taking shape, exciting with a sunken seating area in front of the bridge!

Illustration: Salt Ship Design

I presume that they are not touch screens or are the seats like the ones in the Nostromo?