BP's Conduct is Criminal

Dear All -

Take a look at an exclusive interview I did with Anderson Cooper 360 on CNN the other night. I explain on our blog why I believe that BP’s conduct is criminal.
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Excelent Interview. Thanks for sharing this.

I’m not sure if I agree with all of it. Shipowner’s non-delegable duty comes to mind.

The issues involved with the government’s responsibility in allowing deepwater drilling without adequate analysis of safety and contingency planning is very pertinent. I had a long discussion about this with someone yesterday. This is the result of a risk benefit analysis. Major accidents like this are the end product of the risk side of the equation. The meaning of risk is not necessarily fully understood by the public. Risk means that there is some definite statistical probability of a major accident. In the long term, the laws of probability say that the major accident will occur. The government determined that access to large deepwater oil reserves was worth the statiscal possibility of major accidents. The risk benefit equation is now being re-examined, with improved safety measures and contingency planning to balance the risk benefit equation. The question is whether the technology is available to adequately improve safety and reduce the statistical probability of future accidents, and whether the cost of this is still worth the benefit.