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In Dutch. Don’t know if it is available in English translation yet:

By: Frank NEYTS
“The money is good and the marriage is bad”
Lanasta published “The money is good and the marriage is bad – Sailing at sea”. It was written by Jan ter Haar.
Years in the Great Trade in general and sea towing and salvage of ships in particular, at a time when many changes are taking place. Containerization, now (2016) about fifty years ago, is one of the greatest economic inventions of the 20th century with major consequences for employment in the ports and on the shipping industry itself. Ter Haar makes several calls in his book for the preservation of the beautiful concept of “seamanship”. A concept that is often used in the laws of shipping and on which sailors are also held accountable in the event of calamities. It is an underestimated concept. But what always applies is the old saying: “If you see a church and a tower, the journey is not yet over”.
“The money is good and the marriage is bad. Sailing at Sea” (ISBN 978-90-8616-265-9), has 336 pages and was published as a hardback and costs 27.95 euros. You can buy through the better bookstore or directly from the publisher Lanasta, e-mail: ; Phone. +31 (0)591 618747. See also Lanasta’s website:

From Maasmond Newsclipping yesterday. (Google translation from Dutch)