See book review DP OPERATORS HANDBOOK by Capt. D. Bray, by The Nautical Institute:


Looks like it may be worth reading. It says in the review that it is not a book for beginners.

I agree completely expect the line “and the reader must be knowledgeable with DP-basics before reading this”. While some of the concepts are difficult and I certainly suggest you have a mentor to help you through the difficult parts… I think anyone with experience other advanced systems (Integrated Bridge Systems, Full Mission Bridge Simulators, etc) can get through 90% of the material and i would encourage them to do so.

There are also an number of titles you can read from online (many only allow you to read one chapter per web session) via google book search. Just put in a keyword like Dynamic Positioning Systems and pull down the menu titled “Showing” and select “limited preview and full view”. Just be sure to WATCH THE DATES since the first result is a book from 1990 which will do you more harm than good.

Wow, it’s only $32.00 at today’s exchange rate. That’s a steal for a Nautical Institute publication!

Yeah it’s not [I]too[/I] complected but everyone’s first start should be the IMCA’s Intro To DP.

Thanks very much for the link! This is an interesting read.

cmjeff, thank you for the link. It is very informative.

[QUOTE=Capt_Anonymous;14975]Wow, it’s only $32.00 at today’s exchange rate. That’s a steal for a Nautical Institute publication![/QUOTE]

Sir, I am a former navy operation specialist e-5. I am qualified upto a Navigational Plotter which means I was responsible for plotting ships heading, speed and true wind, along with measuring the distance to the next buoy by utilizing GPS. I would like to know if my seven years of sailing on Destroyers and Navigating is tranferrable to becoming a DPO. I have no clue where to start and I am single with no kids fresh out the Navy and willing to Navigate again. I just need help on getting my certification. Can you help me get started. My email is

Imca’s Intro to DP makes for excellent reading