Billionaire John Fredriksen’s Battle at Sea

seriously, does anyone at all feel the slightest sympathy for this guy?

Billionaire John Fredriksen’s Battle at Sea

one of the most voracious of the speculators responsible for the overbuilding in the industry. I say let him be eaten by the others

btw, I thought the babe was a trophy wife a first but I guess it is his trophy daughter instead

Yeah but just look at that glorious red cravat!

matches the bloated red face

He has twin daughters who are slated to inherit the family fortune of approx. GBP 8 Bn.

For a while he was the subject of a blog over his movements:

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Another couple of Norwegian billionaires, both former fishermen, are in a long dispute over patent infringement:

This even involve the Courts in Delaware for some reason.

PS> Google translate gets a little silly here. (Rokke is translated Smoke and trustee to bus driver etc) but it should be possible to get an understanding of the content

nobody here cares…why are you filling these threads with irrelevant posts?

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How do you know that “nobody” cares??

Well it was pretty off topic…like usual.

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I suspect that Kjell Inge is still the under-the-table beneficial owner of a significant portion of the US flag Seattle/Alaska fishing fleet. What do you hear about that around Aalesund?

I don’t hear much about him here, but that may be because my network in Aalesund is still limited.
He started his career as a Greaser and later Fisherman on a trawler from here, but moved on after some years.
He now live near Oslo and still do fishing from his own boat in the Oslofjord, selling his catch directly from the boat at the pier in front of Oslo City hall:

He is not listed as a director in American Seafood:
But how much shares he may hold is unknown to me.

The former CEO and Rockband player Bernt Bodal has done good from his time in American Seafood though:

PS> Just found out that he has hired a Skipper from Molde and is not onboard all that much anymore.
Moreover the place of sale has been moved closer to his house, so if you want to buy fresh shrimps directly from his trawler you have to get to Vollan: