Beware of the scumbag headhunters

“PS Ricky Edge may your soul continue to burn in hell for eternity.” wow. eternity. for one bad business deal? man, am I screwed.

well, until then, this is a great thread. by the way, just finished watching the movie “OFFICE SPACE” with a bunch of off watch crew and this “mike balliger” guy is a character right outa there.

just passing through with my cute screen name… and wondering if anyone has seen my red stapler?

We need entertainment, past the popcorn JAFO along with the beer:D:D

[U][I][B]" wondering if anyone has seen my red stapler?"
It is next to the TPS reports

This is another intelligent post by Mike

Mike Bolinger wrote on April 05, 2010, 04:16AM :
All the arguing and smart assed comments in the world are not going to change the fact that if anyone tries to shut down these waterways the first thing that is going to happen is that some unnamed [I][B]individuals are going to round up about 500 lbs of egg laiden females and set them loose in the lake to make closing the waterways a moot point.[/B][/I] [U]MIKE WOULD THIS BE YOU???[/U]

[I][B]I think history has shown that Chicago businessmen do not like outside influences dictating their business to them.

Furthermore the “DNA” or “snippets” that have been found North of the barrier were probably nothing more than the crap of a duck or goose that had eaten some carp eggs South of the Barrier and then flew North to relieve themselves.
And finally if the surrounding Great Lakes states such as Michigan did get their way in closing the waterways this would still not stop the spread of the asian carp through waterfoul propagation.
All it would take is one duck to land in a bed of fertilized carp eggs South of the barrier and then fly to the lake for a swim and a good bath.
This would wash the fertile eggs right out of his feathers into the lake.

So maybe the right thing to do instead of taking extreme measures such as closing vital industrial waterways would be to put a bounty on these carp and utilize fishermen that are currently out of work to effectivly fish the carp out of the waterways.
It is far to late for prevention. It is time to start thinking about control.

Fisherman in Lousiana have already started to fish for these carp and utilize them in a variety of ways.

These carp could be used for everything from animal feeds to women’s makeup believe it or not.

Captain Mike Bolinger

Well since gcaptain has not really been of any great help to me since I joined I know exactly how to kill this thread.
And even better yet go out with a bang as I usually do in all things.

Don’t think ill be back?
You think I can only access using 1 isp?
You are the fucking retard then.

See if they post this one in the all time stupid threads.

Fuck you all you smart ass candy pants motherfuckers.

Oh, I’m sorry did I offend someone?

Gcaptain is for fuckheads like you all to log on and call me a bitch, prick, blah, blah,blah, retard, and on and on.

Its so you all can find something to do on watch by smarting off to someone that doesn’t out rank you on your boat.
You can take all the time you need to think up your cute little come backs and research the meaning of life on the company’s isp.
You can take out your frustrations of being a piss ant or a jobless union fuck sitting at the house bitching about how can you be out of work with all of your “seniority”?

Are fucks like you getting your nasty grams yet for instigating or making flame posts?

Probably not because you have your nose up some one’s ass on this site.

Make your little quotes and pick apart mis"speelings"

You all have shown your asses far more than me in my opinion because not one of you is able to let this shit go without chiming in with your smartass takes on shit you really don’t have the first fucking clue about anyway.

“Hand me the popcorn” after you get time to take your hand off my faggot ass cock and your tounge from my asshole.

Am I using a laptop with spellcheck and easy access to

Did I make a post on another site about the carp?
You saw my fucking name on it didn’t you dumbass.

Am I going to turn the carp loose?
No but I know of others that would.

I don’t work up there anymore and I could give a fuck less about the lakes.
The mills and cities have been dumping their shit in them for years.
Even fish caught way up north are not safe to eat.

Do I think this thread has hurt my reputation?

Do I give two shits if it did?

The companies I work for pay good money for someone that knows how to drive a fucking boat.
They don’t give a fuck if you made some stupid posts on the internet.
They need a warm body to fill a slot.

Just let the word “union” fall out of your shitpipe and see how long it takes them to ambush crew change your dumb ass.

95% of the guys I work with are ex cons or ex military that would sooner tie a ratchet around your neck and float test you than "engage you in an intellectual debate"
I have held good jobs for the last several years making more than enough money.

I don’t care if the whole fucking world knows I got busted for forgetting to take my rifle out of my truck.

Has my “weapons charge” stopped me from landing 6 figure jobs?

Am I an angry person? According to you alls spin on it my next move would be to climb a clock tower with my rifle and rub crazy messages all over the walls with my own shit before someone took my ass out.

You call it anger. I call it real life motherfucker.

You say I would drop with the first punch, eh?

You think you could even land a hit on me punkass?

I will make you scream like the bitch you are before I put you to sleep for good.

Don’t believe I will meet you on the bank?
Try me.

You fucks call it anger. I call it being a man and standing behind what I say in person as well as on a candy ass web site

If I ever run into one of you be sure and let me know. We’ll “talk” some more then.

This is the way things are on a real workboat not some oversized tin can with a bunch of faggoty ass academy boys running the show.

Toughguy. Ha. Try me.

Yeah, most of you fucknuts would get blasted mid sentence before you even knew what the fuck hit you.

How do I manage to stay employed beins that I am so “mentally unstable”?

I do my fuckin job better than any of you fucks.
I have never been without a good paying job because I am your sea daddy motherfucker.
Because unlike most of you dumasses I know when to keep my mouth shut and just exactly when I can get away with pounding some ass.
That is how a “crazy” motherfucker like me stays employed while your dumb asses sit at the fuckin house jackin off to kiddie porn on the computer between smart ass comments on gcaptain.
Yeah, yeah there is always someone bigger and badder right?
Well I already met that fucker a couple times. But I never backed down
and I took my licks like a man.

Any of you got the sand?

Well it has been fun getting banned from this site but I do actually have some work to do.

Maybe I won’t get the last word before this thread gets locked down but I got to say how I really feel about this site for a change.

Oh yeah,
Just in case…

Mike Bolinger is just my “screen name”

I don’t even know a mike bolinger

I heard he is a really cool dude though

Well Mike; NOW i certainly know if HR sends a guy named ‘Mike Bolinger’ down the dock to my boat you will find yourself booted off so quick you wont even have time / or the place to unpack your bags or stir your shit!

Your ‘suitability and fitness’ may trump any boat handling skills you have, or may think you have. Sorry, that’s what I call a failed telephone interview. You’ve spouted so much gibberish on here to make a toxic cloud wherever you go. I wish you well, but really I think if YOU are/have been having problems you should follow the old adage: If you’re looking for the problem, look in the mirror.

BTW, I’ve ‘only’ worked at 4 companies in my 38 plus year career. Since I was 11. Two Union, two non union. And I have NEVER been fired, or left under bad circumstances.

BTW, My first sentence is formed by YOUR posts, not what anyone else has said on here. Think about that… Thread killer?