Best Maritime Academy - Ranked

Which is the best maritime academy? Lots of threads about which academy is better or worse but I’d like to see a rank of which you would choose if you had to do it again. Here is my list and, as an example, I do not think A&M is any worse of a school than the rest I simply would not like to live in Galveston. I also think Maine is a top school education wise but I would not want to spend my college years an hour from civilization.

If I had to do it again, here’s the rank:

  1. A normal college
  2. KP
  3. Cal Maritime
  4. Schuyler
  5. Mass
  6. Maine
  7. A&M Galveston
  8. Hawsepipe

I’ve never been to Great Lakes so I can’t place it in the ranks.

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If it was 1972 and I was starting out again here’s how I would rank the schools…

  1. Cal Maritime (I’d do it again, 3 year program back then was a real plus for me)
  2. Mass Maritime
  3. Fort Scupper
  4. Maine (the school’s a little to remote for my taste… I heard it’s between Bum F*** and East Jesus, ME)
  5. TAMUG
  6. KP (IMO, if you’re looking for a seagoing career, KP is not worth the BS you have to put up with for the license)
  7. Hawsepipe
  8. GLMA (Traverse City, MI??.. No Thank You!)
  9. Regular College
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