Benefits Available For US Merchant Mariners


That’s what I’d take to higher ups at USAA… Your audience that you can reach could affect USAA… a lot of negative reviews cause make them fix things


My mariner/lawyer friend told me that Merchant Mariners, while on a ship, can have free USPS postage on letters they mail, something about writing the name of your ship instead of a stamp. Should be able to drop it into any mailbox that way…

Although I think the Postal Service active knowledge of this perk is nil, and you’d be far better off just paying for the damn stamp or otherwise waste your time convincing the post clerk, or risk loosing your letter in the blue mail boxes.


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Let me begin by saying that I am a veteran of the USMC. I also was employed as a military contractor on board THE MPS program for 5 years shipboard, so I know the Merchant Marines, as I know veterans of the Armed Forces. I shipped from 1987-1995. Been all over including Desrt Storm.
Let me Begin by saying that the merchant marines are not trained combatants as opposed to military both active-duty and Reservist

which take up arms. So there is a distinct difference and a lot of these differences creates animosity towards military by many merchant marines. I have also seen various injustices towards the merchant marines by the active duty military particularly the u.s. Navy or Coast Guard. The merchant marines are not recognized like the rest of the armed forces are. Even though the merchant marines are not combatants they do enter in and out of the combat zones in support of military operation in the Gulf War particularly. However there are also many unrecognized groups that support military operations in combat zones such as Department of Defense employees or Department of Defense contractors. These civilian Warriors are left out of the picture in the glory sense of the term. The military undoubtably and unequivocally gained most of the glory. I personally was in and out of the Persian Gulf around three times during the Gulf War in 1990 and 91. I was very disappointed to find out that none of these Dept of Defense contractors received any kind of metals or any kind of recognition as did Federal Department of Defence civilian employees received and some not even being in the theater of war. As far as veterans benefits are concerned for the purposes of merchant marines, my heart is broken in the fact that merchant marines do not receive certain discounts such as theme parks or discounted food’s in restaurants or reduction in phone charges or other types of benefits in the recognition of their seamanship service. And of course the same can be said about Department of Defense employees many of whom have served In Harm’s Way in the combat zones like the merchant marines do when they ship in and out of the Persian Gulf. I would like to see merchant marines be recognized more for their important roles. Especially those serving in war zones it doesn’t seem fair that DOD contractors or federal employees of the Department of Defense and merchant marines that serve in war zones don’t get discounts when there are military members that never leave the United States and get discounts. There should be some kind of offset. So in summary I am in total favor of any civilians in the war zones or combat zones working on Department of Defense contracts merchant marines should all receive certain kind of benefits similar or parallel to those that veterans and active duty military receive. I am a USAA member. Great deal if you qualify. Govx too, but only if you like tactical gear. Not the cheapest.
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