Bar for retired Seafarers?

This would be a suitable furnishing for a bar catering to retired seafarers.


Those things look awesome but I don’t want to own or visit any bar for retired seafarers. By the time a mariner gets old enough to retire they’re usually bitter old bastards, broke as a joke from supporting their ex-wives & kids or finaly came to their senses & only drink coffee because of the AA coins in their pockets. Those fine pieces of artwork are suited for yacht clubs or tourist trap bars by the sea. Those bars are usually fun to visit & have stuff like that.


Those props are an accident waiting to happen


Yes, if the props run out of control, the sitting person may be squeezed against the ceiling.


Squeezed against the overhead.


Tripping accident for a drunk.

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I think the picture below shows something more suitable for retired seafarers.



Now that’s funny.

Perhaps, but so is a sidewalk.

It is the deck head in English

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Nick’s Ice House – college dive bar in Hattiesburg, MS


That’s funny as most retired mariners I know are quite happy. Myself included. We live comfortable lives in many countries thanks to the sacrifices we made while being away from family who sacrificed equally. It’s a lifestyle that requires compromise not much different from those in the military.


I could see myself kicking those in the dark and cursing a blue streak…

The mariner’s version of stepping on a Lego.

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You’re right. Of the few mariners I know who retired all that comes to mind seem happy. I know a few who had bad health who couldn’t renew & a few others who lost their jobs in '15 who felt they were too old to go back & some of those guys I would call less than happy. I wouldn’t call them retired but forced to stay home. I guess the miserablest old fucks that I had in mind are the ones who stick around way past their time to leave.


Brings to mind the saying
" I can’t be drunk, I’m laying on the floor and I’m not falling down".

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If bar stool got out of control and squeezed a patron against the top part of the room the term “overhead” refers to whatever is up there.

Could be a sub-floor and floor joists, could be parts of ventilation ducting, electrical wiring and so forth or it could be a suspended ceiling intended to hide whatever is up there.

The term" deck head" would only be correct in one of those cases but “overhead” works in all three cases.

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I accept your premise that overhead more correctly describes what is there, but like many nautical expressions deckhead relates to a time before wiring and ventilation ducts.

I had 2 thoughts when I first looked at the stools with the propeller base. First, if those were solid brass I would expect to not see them 1 morning. Secondly they need a Kort nozzle around the propellers to protect everyone’s ankles.

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“Deck head” would have been a better choice for a joke about a bar for old-time mariners.

How about a trap door?