After spending my entire adult life going to sea, I am about to retire, I enlisted in the Navy at 17 and started on tugs at 20 when I separated out, as much as I want out, it’s kinda scary, 50 years is a long time at one job, 30 years at the same company, was smart and saved a lot of money but still want to work, what are y’all retired guys doing for part time work? Will be 67 when I throw in the towel


There seem to be enough tugboat jobs around, especially for licensed engineers. During busy periods there are shortages of people in every position.

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Maybe a little “innocent” internet trading could be an idea:


I saw a Vane Bros add offering sign on bonuses for tug mates and barge “captains”.

They must be hard up for people.

I’m 67 and work more than I ever did… only on my own schedule!
if you live in a populated area unlike me in a nearly wilderness area of fly over country you can probably get a job doing anything, from what I see it’s a workers market.
drive truck?, work at Lowes? tell tales at mariner school?, and if you got the clot shot you might get a job as a nurse !?!?

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I am leaving the marine industry, have no desire to go back to work now much less than when I retire, maybe a delivery driver a couple of days a week, will stay unemployed for about 6 months so I can spend time with my wife in South America, have enough stashed and invested to live a comfortable life without going back to work but, I see what happens to individuals who retire and stay stagnant

Still have 4 years left on my current issue and one more year on my med cert, my next med cert will be my last. Have three years left on my T-HUET, won’t be renewed

Retired Aug 20, only 10 years in merchant navy rest maintenance production , both sides of the Atlantic. Quite happy with no work, if I have too, I know there’s plenty around
Home Depot etc, low stress. Enjoying the time off shift


I took the approach that I would try and punch out early. If your happy with what you saved and any pensions, then I would really look at some part time gigs. I find people are always looking for help on ( in my case) power and hvac projects. I target no more than 20 hours a month. Gives me complete flexibility to do what I want to do. Covid has just made it easier since you can do 70% remotely. But first take a few months and let yourself relax and decompress. Life is to short and you have already put in a lot of years. Time to enjoy the fruits of your labor.

I have been about as busy in retirement as I was before but without the headaches. You’ll find yourself creating projects to keep you occupied. I built a couple of apartments just to try out a new construction method. If you don’t have to worry about day to day expenses retirement is fun !

What about getting some quality rest in your own bed:

I retired at 65. Now over 80. My main observation. Where the hell did I find the time for work!.