Bacon Davis Act jobs

How come Marine contractors with Federal Bacon Davis Act contracts have to pay big money to everyone else, except mariners?

I worked marine construction and was paid Davis Bacon act-Prevailing wage.

Some counties pay very well. Others only ok.

I’ve worked marine construction jobs, but there was always some excuse why they didn’t have to pay tugboat crew Bacon Davis wages. It’s disgusting seeing green laborers with no skills to certifications making more than I am.

On the flip side, I’ve turned down jobs that were paying Bacon Davis wages because the prevailing union wage for boat crew in that area was less than I could get elsewhere. Crappy maritime unions dragging us all down.

I know one company i worked for found a way to pay the deckhands a lower wage. Other companies paid there deckhands almost twice as much on the same jobs. Somehow they passed the wage surveys.

I was non union so I got the “fringes” too. Another 18-30 dollars. If in a union they take that in exchange for what ever service it is they provide. Ins, 401k and so on.