Aux engine blows up on BP tanker

Anyone have more details on what happened here?

Love that commentary!


anyway, it does not appear to be a relief valve on the boiler popping off since it isn’t sustained. If it is in the burner system for the boiler then what would cause those two blasts of smoke like that? Huge slugs of fuel shooting into the combustion chamber is all I can come up with, but still the gasses would have to be restricted by something which would need to let go for there to be blasts like that. A damper of some sort? I ain’t no member of the blackgang so know not of what is in the uptakes of auxiliary boilers.

btw, the use of the word “engine” in the thread title is a misnomer since this is a boiler according to gCaptain’s report.

Agree with captain on this one. Though I have not been on a steamship since the 90’s, I do have experience with some backfires. Probably just excessive fuel burn off, an unfortunate incident for sure, especially on a newer tanker, but not catastrophic as the commentary states.
Anyone know if the fire brigade came down? Have for sure seen that in the past!

Most likely a Flareback which is usually caused by inadequate air purging prior to lighting off.