Attitudes to ECDIS Alarms & Management

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I’m a final sea phase deck cadet from the UK. As part of our degree, we are required to complete a 10,000 word mini-dissertation on a maritime topic of our choice. I have chosen to study alarm fatigue, and more specifically, ECDIS alarms.

To give my report a meaningful basis, I am conducting a survey to establish the opinions and attitudes of Deck officers and cadets towards ECDIS alarms, and how things can be improved.

If you could fill it out, I’d really appreciate it - no personal information is required for completion, email address submission is voluntary.

If you could share it among any contacts you may have, that would be helpful too.

The survey can be found here:
As you can see it’s shortened, it points to a google forms document.

Any problems, please feel free to PM me.

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