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Ah,the embarrassment. I recall when we ran aground in Tampa, just inside the (under reconstruction) Sunshine Bridge with a full load of gasoline and diesel, we were subject to taunts from crew family members as they passed by in their vessels. . . . but at least we were spared the instant and international news exposure that is commonplace today. . . . the 80s are looking better in the rear view than ever. . .

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Amen!!! What we could get away with in my young and tender days.(1960s/1970s)
Actually I hope they will NEVER come back, but it was a LOT more fun w/o ISM etc.

Yeah, those days for me were the 70s and 80s. . . at least in regard to the grounding, I was the engineer, and it was not an equipment failure. . . as far as the family tie, our Captain’s brother was CE on an product tanker on a similar service as ours and did pass us as we were, uh, immobilized. . . the radio conversation between the two was memorable. . .end result, soft bottom, no damage. Lightered some cargo for half a day and back underway. . . oh, and it certainly was a lot more fun without everybody having a camera to record our momentous activities, too. . . .

I spent a week on Warrior Rock in the Columbia River in 1984. (See page 267 here: It would have been a lot less enjoyable if everyone on board, ashore, and passing by had a phone with a camera and an internet connection.

That incident happened a few years before I started at ABS, however the lesson learned was hammered into me very hard as to what to specifically look for during any Annual Survey when it comes to Steering Gear. Well, that one AND the AMOCO CADIZ. . . .

We went aground right at the Sunshine Skyway Bridge and it was caused by a 50 cent piece of copper in the NFU Handheld Wand.

I remember going up to the Wheelhouse and asking to talk to the Captain. He looked at me and said were busy go away. I said no problem but the stern is awash and it might be a good idea to pull the InterCon Pins in as the tide is going out!

It was fun watching all of the Office Guys hanging on when the Tug dropped about 4 feet when the pin came in. LOL

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Did Kirby have a lay off in New York or is that rumors ?

Supposedly 22 employees of Kirby’s RTBU fleet were laid off with the ensuing seniority bump affecting around 150 people. Their SIU crewed boats were not included in the lay off and reportedly some of the RTBU crew were picked up by the SIU. Several manned barges and harbor tugs in NYC as well a few larger barges are allegedly being tied up for lack of work. The disruption has fueled a desertification movement taking place with the lower wage tiered employees looking to dump RTBU in hopes of being absorbed by the SIU for a unified presence within Kirby Offshore. Many older vested employees with the RTBU are holding out for a possible AMO affiliation if RTBU can make the deal. Currently the RTBU are working under an expired contract with hopes of negotiating a fair contract during a down oil market, and now lay-offs, though anybody who didn’t see this coming really hasn’t been paying attention.

Oh wow. That’s big news.

I thought the lay offs were behind us now.