Asymmetric Information Warfare

This article really sums up the inherent advantage the bullshit slingers have on today’s internet. Minutes to post, hours to debunk.

The Haarlem Aldi Hoax

Oh, for the days when you had to have a govt. sponsor to get access and post under your real name.

Earl (once known as boebert@MIT-Multics)


The experience of getting news on social media is the same as that of a blind man walking into a Florida Waffle House.

He can hear a table full of losers who live in their mother’s basement, and the table full of airline pilots with Audis and supermodel wives, and a table full of troll-farmers from Russia, NKorea, China and Iran.

The trouble is, he can’t tell who’s who.


Good one

“A lie can run 'round the world while the truth is still getting its boots on.”

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