Aspiring deck cadet

Hi everyone!

My name is Rhys Klein and i’m currently in year ten in Sydney, Australia.
I only know a little on becoming a deck cadet and was wondering if you guys with actual experience
could shed some light on the subject.
I want to do the most I can now to ensure I get the best possible opportunities as a deck cadet.
Also, what is better, commercial or cruise companies?

Any info and experiences would be great.
Cheers, Rhys

Hello Rhys,
Most of us on this forum are Americans. If you plan on a career in the Australian Merchant Marine or Merchant Navy I would suggest you google your country’s Merchant Marine Acadamy. On this side of the pond, look up Kings Point, Fort Schyler, Maine Maritime, Massachusetts Maritime, Texas A & M and California Maritime Academys. Good luck son.

Thanks, I know where I have to go for training (the Australian Maritime College). What i wanted to know is if there is anything I can do now while I am in school to better my chances for the top positions.

Thanks for the help and interest, Rhys

The license is all that matters. Bust your butt in school, learn all you can, and when you graduate and get a job realize you actually know next to nothing and learn all you can from the senior guys (ABs and officers both).

Thats great!

Thats what I wanted to know.

Thanks, Rhys