Article - Calculating Ship's Design MBL using OCIMF MEG-4 (TheNavalArch)

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We are glad to publish a new article titled Calculating a Ship’s Design using OCIMF MEG-4

This article is intended to provide guidance for the calculation of a SHip’s Design MBL, cased on which, the selection of right towing equipment for the vessel can be made.

An excerpt is presented below:


A simple spring formulation can be applied to evaluate the translations/rotations of the vessel in static equilibrium under the effect of the calculated environmental loads. Once a mooring system for the vessel at the berth has been chosen, for the given position of the vessel the change in length of each mooring line with respect to its initial (unstretched) length can be calculated using a simple spring formulation F = k δL where F is the line tension, k is the stiffness of the line and δL is the change in line length. Tension in each line can be aggregated to get the net loading on the vessel.


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