OCIMF Anchoring Loads Calculator

Selection of the right anchor is critical to the overall mooring design of the vessel. As such, knowing the loads on the anchoring system is the most important input for its design and selection.

This application can be used to estimate the environmental forces on a Tanker/LNG carrier due to wave, wind and current based on coefficients defined by Mooring Equipment Guidelines (MEG) 4th edition and OCIMF Information paper Estimating The Environmental Loads On Anchoring Systems. The results can be used to select an appropriate anchor for the vessel by comparing the anchor holding power to the resulting environmental load.

  • Easy-to-use interface with clearly marked inputs and outputs cells
  • Values of coefficients for wind, current and wave are automatically picked up from tables, and do not require the user to refer to table for manual input
  • Reference vessel data also included for easy estimation of windage area and wave coefficient