ARC Reflags Ro-Ro to U.S. Registry

The vessel is 229.99 meters long, with a 6.50m high main deck and a stern ramp rated for cargo weighing up to 320 MT.

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This ship fills of the two slots that was left open by the OSG vessel transfers to the TSP.

Personally I think 60 ships is far too few for the MSP. I’m not overly crazy about government spending but the program is a cheap insurance policy against China. But 80 something foreign trading vessels vs 1400 for the Chinese is a big gap.

The US is really short on RORO capacity and capabilities. The ready reserve fleet won’t be able to fill the void.

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TSP or MSP? I didn’t think the TSP had 60 tankers moving cargo foreign.

Sorry typo I edited it- meant MSP.

TSP should have more tankers too. There was a study a few years back saying the military was 70 short. The industry got billets for 10 tankers and there is supposed to be 10 more authorized but congress hasn’t passed a budge just continuing resolutions.

Logistics isn’t sexy. But did we not learn anything from Ukraine, or ww2 or ww1?

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