Apprentice mate steersman western rivers Upgrade

I hold an apprentice mate steersman western rivers and looking to add inland route . I currently passed the apprentice mate steersman inland course . What I am reading up on is I need 90 days inland (60 12 hour days) to submit for MATE PILOT WESTERN RIVERS,INLAND

If you have a question you forgot to ask it.

My question would be once I get my inland time and all other requirements would it get the mate pilot inland endorsement

Don’t forget the inland TOAR.

Do you have any time as apprentice mate steersman?

I believe that requires you to already be master Western rivers in order to submit for mate inland.

I have 210 of the 240 12 hr days to submit for mate pilot western rivers . I will be finished testing inland in about 2 weeks . All toars will be signed and 90 days inland will be complete mid May , I was told submit all paperwork together for mate pilot western rivers and inland . Any suggestions ?

Submit for both, all they can do is say no.