Antiquated Requirements - Rescue Boat Remote Control Wire

That policy doesn’t make sense for the rescue boat. When the boat is lowered the remote control wire is going to pay out in both cases, the lifeboat or rescue boat. With the rescue boat better if someone in the crew is keeping a even strain on the wire as the boat goes down rather then let the wire dangle free.

Would you launch your rescue boat in these conditions?,vid:v_YNhphwuTg,st:0

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That is quite a rescue operation:

Amazing and it makes me proud to go to sea.

I’ve yet to ever encounter a company with a policy against the rescue boat operator lowering the boat themselves so it’s definitely not all companies.

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New US Navy Oiler will be equipped with 2 x Vestdavit PLRH-5000 single-point davits for handling their 7m RIBs:


The same type is installed on the new NORCG vessels of the Jan Mayen Class:

Source: Single Point Davit - PLR Type

As a rescue boat should be. The only observation is we use an inglefield clip in the bowline so the boat moves ahead to release it . The emergency release is still available if needed but this means no one has to go forward to reconnect it.

Well I don’t see any plastic pulleys or 1/4” cable so perhaps the future looks a bit brighter!!