Antipiracy Industry

I was recently crossing Golf of Aden / Red Sea and noticed the…“Antipiracy [B]Industry[/B]”…British companies charge abt $60,000 for three persons to stay onboard for three days (passage duration) and the list goes on with barbwire, citadels, extra insurance, crew’s resignation…etc. Who knows what else we will face as mariners???

[QUOTE=Capt Sparrow;60004] Who knows what else we will face as mariners???[/QUOTE]
I would imagine that until the Pirates and their ‘kingpins’ are dealt with in a publicly harsh, open, and firm manner this lunacy will continue and likely increase. As can be seen from the latest hijacking on the 27th, they are operating well outside the usual safe passage escort areas. Whodathunk that pirates would continue to be able to be blatantly ignored in this era of stealth technology, pinpoint bomb accuracy, and satellite observation?

Due to eco crisis many countries do not send their navy anymore to escort the merchant vsls convoy and that makes subject passage even more difficult. Also the East limit which is considered as “high risk area” reaches Colombo/ Sri Lanca.

Having transited this area 3 times in the past year, this latest time is the first time I didn’t see any pirates. I also didn’t notice the Military presence that I normally see. This could be due to the fact that over 60% of vessels now have security forces in place and that number is on the rise. The biggest Pirates have always been the Suez Canal Pilots. I think we need to rein them in next.