Another upgrade question thread


Okay, I’m pretty confident on my ETAs except for one thing:

Where is a &@#%# reference to how many days are in each month in bowditch ( or other reference material)? When hopping from one month to the next it can totally @&% up the answer if I don’t know whether January has 31 or 30 days. Any pointers?


You can count on the knuckles of one hand which will get you to July, then start over again with August. High is 31, low is 30 (or 28/29 for February).

Or the old ditty – Thirty days hath September, April, June, and November. All the rest have thirty one, save February.


I like it.


You’re welcome.


Or just use the nautical almanac or tide tables to double check, which is also in the testing room.


^^^ This.


Then why are you using it for Delaware Bay entrance?


More than likely because I saw “Delaware” and thought they were the same or were the same reference station. Long study hours are making my brain whirl. I see the error in asking my question.