Android navigation

Want to know if anyone would recommend the best software apps (android) for navigation use on vessels azimuths sunlines rhumb line navigation etc have Samsung s3
Also best navigation software out in this day for Microsoft (similar use)…

I don’t allow cell phones on the bridge and certainly not for navigation. Do you want to tell the USCG “But I had an app for that!”

I use navionics on my iPad as a back up at home, I have used it once at work in an emergency. Regular practice? No fucking way.

Having personal gear for backup is one thing. I hear you there. I have needed it myself. I don’t allow mates to have their own cell phones on the bridge. When I catch you looking at porn, I don’t want to hear that you were working on an azimuth. No phones, no questions.

I’ve used The Transas iSailor program as the back up to the back up. It’s also nice for checking position, course, and speed from the rack when coast wise. I agree with the no phones on the bridge policy.