AMVER Seas software

I was looking to download a copy of amverseas but the one listed on the website must be a newer version that’s 225mb and has space for a bunch of automated inputs. Not what I’m looking for.

Anyone know where I can find a link to the one that is small, and I manually put the data in there to generate the wx codes to be emailed to shipobs?


This is the page I found the big/wrong version at:

The “manual meteorological only” version.

not here:

I found the version of the software I was looking for. I got it from the Valdez NOAA office.

This version of the NOAA Amverseas is about 28MB. You go through some screens to answer questions about your local weather. Then the program spits out a text file that you copy and paste into an email and send to NOAA.

AMVER/SEAS Version 8

PDF instructions on how to send them