Airplane hit by lightning after landing

Spectacular video of a commercial plane hit by lightning:

The plane was already on the ground, waiting to get to it’s gate.
It eventually made it and all passengers and crew disembarked safely.

PS> Nothing said where this happened

Whenever I see things like this, I am so happy to know that engineers a lot smarter than me designed those things!

Not an unusual thing to happen when planes are in the air.
Not supposed to be a problem, I’ve been told.
PS> I still don’t like it, though.

That’s what I’d heard, too. They are robustly designed for taking hits, losing engines (well, not *all of them :smiley: ), etc. Redundant systems for redundant systems for… yeah, super well built with safety being baked in from the get-go.

But I am sure it’d still scare the crap out of me–first you say it, then you do it :smiley:

Remember the Boing 737 Max?:

I do, and so terrifying because it was a systemic problem with that platform! How horrible! I never found out if it was management push-back to avoid cost overruns, or save money and release on time to look good (so bonuses, promotions, etc).
I think there was at least one engineer at NASA talking about the O-rings that failed causing the first Space Shuttle loss, but they were essentially side-lined.
Even in software development (my current field) management tends to screw the pooch more times than not. Release with known bugs, etc.

I had to look it up quickly. (sorry about pay wall)

A senior Boeing engineer filed an internal ethics complaint this year saying that during the development of the 737 Max jet the company had rejected a safety system to minimize costs, equipment that he felt could have reduced risks that contributed to two fatal crashes.

The article goes on, but it really sounds like Boeing’s management lost their way regarding safety.

Personally I’ve voiced concerns about software security and been told to stay in my f’in lane (not in so many words, higher-ups were on the Teams call). Delays! The Sky Is Falling! Sigh. If it wasn’t for their money I’d have nothing to do with them :smiley:

30 pieces of silver??

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LOL! Having an active TS is a “good thing.”

They pay you in silver?!? Lucky, all I get is Hexavalent Chromium, they tell me it’s good to drink though.

I don’t have an active Top Secret clearance.
Which is a good thing. People gets into all kinds of trouble if they misshandle TS documents.

If you don’t thrust “them” (EPA?) I can recommend bottled glacial water from Svalbard.
Pure as the snow that fell 10K years ago:

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Not everyone.

I have been hit by lightning twice while flying. Neither time was a big deal, the worst thing was rebooting the radios.
Metal airplanes do pretty well at conducting electricity around the plane and not through the middle. Fiberglass airplanes can be blown to pieces by lightning if they do not have a metal mesh embedded in the outer layer of glass.


Faraday cage. . . .

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