Advanced Training Oil Tanker


So I could take the course to meet my requirements? :confused:


Ok, I think I’m getting a grip on this. According to the USCG pdf:

"Tank Ship Dangerous Liquids
Any applicant who successfully completes your Tankship Dangerous Liquids Course
Meets the standards of competence, required by the STCW Code for Basic Oil AND
Chemical Tanker Cargo Operations; AND

Provided the applicant also supplies a statement signed by the Master,
Chief Engineer or Chief Mate of an Oil AND/OR Chemical Tanker,
appropriate to the endorsement sought, that the mariner has
demonstrated to the satisfaction of the signer that he or she is fully
capable of supervising transfers of dangerous liquid cargo in accordance
with the guidance found in Navigation Vessel Inspection Circular…
Meets the Standards of competence, required by
of the STCW Code for Advanced Oil AND/OR Chemical Tanker Cargo

So I would have to find the guidance from that navigation vessel inspection circular, get a note from my chief (like on page 17 of that document), then take the course. I already have the Basic certificate, though…

Also, this course is offered in Seward, apparently. I could just pop down to Bellingham and take the New World Hurtegruten. That would be rad, except its also only offered in November.


What about Training Resource Maritime Insitute in San Diego? Getting there on the bus is reasonably cheap and they also offer one starting on the 30th. I don’t know what their rates are like. I’ll call on Monday, I guess, and see what they say. Then it’d just be down to me getting that letter from my chief. It’d be good, because I could score some proper Mexican food, neh?


Except it’s updated every week, is a huge file, and a PITA to download on our ship internet. The old way of selecting which course you were looking for and having it pop up as to who offered it was much better.