Accepting a new job on a tanker and having to switch from meba to amo

The contract you are being offered based on the wages you provided is for the Crowley’s Jones Act fleet. They are not good wages but some retention bonuses might bump that up. To be honest you may not have the set schedule you wish. You might not have a relief and have to do longer hitches. I would ask about Crowley’s TSP tankers because that contract is higher and you could see the world. Do it while you are young.

I thought all day workers started the day at 0600 and ended at 1930…because “you’re paid for a 12hr workday”…but isn’t 12hrs 0600-1800 like on drill ships/tugs/ferries/etc? Oh well, what’s a little math matter?

Wouldn’t know, I’ve never been a day worker.

Do you have 8hrs of total watch and mandatory OT?

No mandatory OT