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To Mariners and other readers, I have to start somewhere and I am sure someone will put me on the right track for what is not a new idea. I have a deep water sheltered anchorage in Fiji and a specific demographic in mind as a customer base. The intention is provide high quality accommodation for the under represented demographic of the over 50’s but with the additional benefit of high end medical care. Hotels and purpose built retirement homes offer many of the same benefits but are expensive to build, require a construction programme of some two years and are unreasonable expensive for the occupants due to obscene profit taking by the developers. There are some 30 Cruise Ships for sale and by locating the cruise ship in sheltered waters behind a pristine coral reef, retains all the elements which make cruising attractive without the disadvantages of sea sickness, ocean storms and high fuel costs. There are several precedents, including the Queen Mary and I could display spreadsheets, anchorage designs, access facilities etc but the questions are should I charter, joint venture, mortgage, or go for the standard Fijian solution and just build another Hotel?

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