AB to Third recently?

If there has been anyone who has recently accomplished the transition from AB to third I’d love to hear about it either in open forum or in a private message. Also, I’m a bit curious if anyone has been hired recently who has a couple of children. I’m trying to discern if this may hurt my chances of being hired. Thanks in advance, and yes I operated the search function prior to posting. Cheers!

As far as the children goes, I can’t see how that would impact your employment. Nobody even asks, at least deep sea.

I went AB>>3M a year and a half ago. Self studied everything, no test prep classes. Took some time and dedication but all in all wasn’t terrible. I have a kid and have never had a problem getting hired anywhere. Matter of fact I started a new job 1 year ago. No problems at all.

Sorry. Didn’t realize this was a MSC thread. Not sure if you’re asking in particular to just MSC scenarios.

No worries. Just was curious about how they would score a phone interview and was concerned that mentioning kids might end up on the wrong side of the tally. I also haven’t seen much talk of an AB going to third and being promoted from within in recent history.

Last December there was an AB on my ship that got a permanent promotion to 3rd.
I know of at least one 3rd mate that just got a permanent promotion to 2nd mate too. I don’t know how many they’re moving up, but things are moving again. Has anyone heard if mates are starting to head back to the Gulf, opening up positions? If so, we’ll never get reliefs.

As for kids, it’s illegal to ask about family or to take that in consideration, if you mention it on your own. But don’t say anything. Lots of people do have kids. You’ll never see them. Know that up front. But, that’s why I waited until my kids were grown before I went back deep sea.

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