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[B]Job Description

Able Bodied Seaman - (A.B.) - 008YH

[B][U]Company Overview[/U][/B]

[FONT=Arial]ConocoPhillips is an international, integrated energy company with operations in more than 30 countries. As the third-largest integrated energy company in the United States and fourth largest[/FONT] [FONT=Arial]refiner in the world, ConocoPhillips’ goal is to deliver energy in a safe, environmentally and socially responsible manner.[/FONT]
[FONT=Arial] [/FONT]
[FONT=Arial]More than 30,000 ConocoPhillips employees work worldwide to consistently deliver top performance and value to maintain the company’s global market position. Employees’ individual[/FONT] [FONT=Arial]talents and strengths combine to create a diverse and energized work force within ConocoPhillips. Headquartered in Houston, Texas, ConocoPhillips stock is listed on the New York Stock Exchange under the symbol “COP.”[/FONT]

The Able Bodied Seaman (A.B.) may be responsible for:

[li]Docking/undocking procedures (handling lines, securing ship, etc.) and assisting with taking and discharging of cargo. [/li][li]Standing watch, either as lookout or on the bridge steering the vessel. [/li][li]Performing deck related maintenance duties under supervision of the Boatswain.[/li][li]Working aloft in certain situations[/li][li]Working two 4 hour watches per 24 hour period with overtime occurring routinely. The A.B. can work no more than 15 hours per day, and cannot work more than 36 hours in any 72 hour period. [/li][/ul]

When docking the A. B. may be responsible for:

[li]Loading ballast and using a tape to gauge tanks[/li][li]Adjusting mooring lines (add or heave on slack)[/li][li]Assisting in tapping the boom for the accommodation ladder and cargo hoses[/li][li]Operating manual valves and/or checking mechanical valves for proper operation (ship dependent)[/li][li]Bleeding lines at the chickson and removing/attaching blanks[/li][li]Being alert for spills throughout the operation[/li][li]Taking lines from the tug boat, throwing heaving lines to the dock, pulling back the messenger lines, attaching messenger lines to mooring lines and assisting in slacking the mooring lines.[/li][/ul]

When undocking the A.B. may be responsible for:

[li]Pulling in and securing mooring lines and assisting in handling the tug lines (placing the line over the bit, removing the line from the bit). [/li][li]Operating mechanical winches as necessary which may require guiding/lifting of the mandel shackle (not on all vessels), and securing the deck at the end of the operation. This includes stowing of lines, anchors, pilot ladders, fire hoses, etc.[/li][li]Performing maintenance duties including maintenance/repair of deck equipment/machinery such as rigging/tackle, boat falls, cargo boom, mooring lines and wires, gant lines, and all safety equipment. [/li][li]Assisting with upkeep of decks and super structure, both interior and exterior.[/li][li]Repairing and maintaining other equipment as necessary[/li][li]Assisting with tank washing/repair as directed by the Mate.[/li][/ul]


[B]Basic Qualifications[/B]

[li]Passport[/li][li]Legally authorized to work in the United States on a regular full-time basis without restrictions[/li][li]High School Diploma / GED[/li][li]Wllingness and ability to:[/li][li]To be away from home for periods in excess of two months[/li][li]Push up to 100 pounds[/li][li]Pull up to 100 pounds[/li][li]Stand up lift up to 66 pounds[/li][li]Level lift up to 66 pounds[/li][li]Weight carry up to 66 pounds[/li][li]Climb Stairs[/li][li]Stand for long periods of time[/li][li]TWIC Card[/li][li]Merchant Mariner’s document (Z-card) with A.B. Limited Endorsement[/li][li]Current in Fire Fighting training (within last 5 years)[/li][/ul]
[B][I]This position requires you to have a TWIC card (Transportation Workers Identification Credential) to gain access to secure areas of Maritime Transportation Security Act (MTSA) regulated facilities and vessels. Any candidate selected for this position will not be allowed to begin work without proof of application for this card. Visit the TSA website[/I][/B] [B][I]https://twicprogram.tsa.dhs.gov/TWICWebApp/[/I][/B][B][I]for more information.[/I][/B]

[B]Preferred Qualfications:[/B]

[li]Willing and able to work overtime[/li][li]Completion of basic safety class[/li][li]Previous experience working on a crude oil tanker[/li][li]Previous experience working on a product tanker[/li][li]Merchant Mariner’s document (Z-card) with A.B. Unlimited Endorsement[/li][li]Merchant Mariner’s document (Z-card) with Tankerman Endorsement (not barges)[/li][li]Experience in operating a mechanical winch[/li][li] Experience in operating a crane[/li][/ul]

In order to be considered for this position you must complete the entire application process, which includes answering all prescreening questions and providing your eSignature on or before the requisition closing date of [B]June 15, 2010.[/B]

Candidates for regular U.S. positions must be a U.S. citizen or national, or an alien admitted as permanent resident, refugee, asylee or temporary resident under 8 U.S.C. 1160(a) or 1255(a)(1). Individuals with temporary visas such as E, F-1, H-1, H-2, L, B, or J or who need sponsorship for work authorization now or in the future, are not eligible for hire.

[I]ConocoPhillips is an equal opportunity employer[/I]

[B]Job Function[/B]

: Marine
[B]Job Level[/B]

: Individual Contributor/Staff Level
[B]Primary Location[/B]


[B]Line of Business[/B]

: Refining, Marketing, Supply, & Transportation
[B]Job Posting[/B]

:May 27, 2010

want to tell my buddy about this but how do you apply?

You can apply online by going to the conoco website and registering and filling out the application

They are a good company to work with. They have a rotation I think of 75 days on 55 days off with pay. I recently worked with Chevron Shipping, but I am not needed due to them scrapping a couple of ships. I am out of work, so I just reapplied with Conoco. We will wait and see how it goes. They mostly want tanker and crude oil experience.

[B][I]You have to go directly to the Conoco Phillips website and apply online…good luck[/I][/B]