500T Mate to 500T Master - Do I have to take the full 500T Master Exam?

I have 500T Mate and I’m in the process of upgrading to 500T Master. Is there a “crossover” type exam or do I have to take all modules pertaining to 500T Master? Thank you.

I believe you would have to take the whole exam. The only crossover I know of is 2M unlimited to 1600 ton master.

The entire exam, unless you hold master or mate of towing vessels. See page 15.

Well, that just seems stupid. If I recall, when CG was deciding how to restructure the licenses, the initial position was to require mariners to serve as Mate in order to be qualified for Master. That proposition was shot down by strong opposition from mariners.

But really, CG missed a great opportunity here. They could have at least assured that more if not most mariners get a Mate’s ticket prior to the Master if they had made it less burdensome to upgrade from Mate to Master. Why not just two modules that cover RoR and any differences between Mate and Master at the limited level. In my opinion, in reality there are no differences. The Mate and Master both have to have the same level of knowledge on a vessel that small with a limited crew.

Well, the boat may be small…

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So I have a master of towing near coastal with no tonnage in my license , if I wanted a 500 tb mate I only need to take the 4 exams ?

That’s what they do for 2M to 1,600 ton Master and I don’t see why they get an exception. The mate exams are all the same now so why do big ship guys get a significantly easier exam for Master? It’s bullshit.

Update: I received my letter to test today. Officially, there is no “crossover” exam from 500T Mate to 500T Master. So you have to take the full Master 500T exam. But, if you hold Mate/master of tow any tonnage there is a limited exam to upgrade to 500T Master.

Q132 Deck General/Safety
Q133 Deck Safety: Stability
Q134 Navigation Problems: NC
Q135 Navigation Problems: OC (Near Coastal does not take this)

I hope this helps someone in the future.

Ok so those would be those only exams I need if I hope a master of towing near coastal , I don’t have any tonnage in my license ?

Click on the link that JDCavo posted and go to the bottom of page 15. It seems like you would be eligible to upgrade to Master 500T with just the 3/4 modules (NC/OC).

*although you skip a few of the basic modules, the ones that you have to take are very difficult and require a significant commitment to pass. Good luck.

I have a quick question. Is there a test for a change of a route on a license? I have a Master 200 Inland and Master of Towing Vessels Near Coastal. I have also an international license with is up to 500 NC but that doesn’t apply. I’ve been running as master on international waters from 2012 to 2016. Will I have to test in order to change the route of my USCG license? (200GRT).

I appreciate your reply.

There is a test to make your Master 200 GRT license valid for near coastal. It’s called a “increase in scope” see page 17 of the NMC Exam Guide.

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Mr. jdcavo. You are the man.
Thank you so much. I’m sort of lost in a storm when it comes to license regulations. That’s like a puzzle.

Mr. Cavo,
When a Mariner is going from Mate 500T NC w/ Mate of Towing to Master 500T OC there are only 4 modules. In this scenario can the Mariner take a celestial course in lieu of Module Q135 Navigation Problems: Oceans?

Or must the Mariner upgrade to Master 500 NC and afterwards apply for oceans with a course certificate?

You’d have to take the entire exam. Generally, you can’t do individual substitutions of as course for one, but not all modules. The celestial courses are only for adding a new route, not for an upgrade, e.g. Mate 500 NC to Mate 500 oceans. You could do as you suggest, go to Master 500 NC and then add oceans by a course later.