3rd mate testing time

After you get approval to test for 3rd mate, what is the amount of time NMC gives you to test and get the required schooling done. I have heard 90 days and I have also heard 1 years for the 3rd mate

Your letter is valid for one (1) year from the date of issuance.

This is not correct. You have one year from the date you applied for the license to pass all exams. [Following added later] However, you won’t get approved top test until you complete all courses, sea time, and any other requirement.

The “required schooling” would be required before being approved to test.

You’re right, I didn’t read the question carefully. You have to complete all required courses before you’re approved to take the test. When you’re notified that you still need courses or sea time (“Awaiting Info” in NMC-speak) you have 90 days to provide what’s missing.

Once approved to test, you have one year from the date you applied to pass all modules.

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Mr. Cavo - When I called NMC a few months back and asked if I could begin the process of evaluation for upgrade to Ch. Mate before having completed all of my classes she said yes- that was what they encouraged people to do. Do you agree? Am I better off starting the process as long as I can provide the certificate for the remaining classes and the assessments within the 90 day “awaiting info” period? My dilemma is that my current issue expires in April 2010, and I am afraid that if I go ahead and renew, and then upgrade - I will be stuck with the “endorsement sheet” (or whatever the proper terminology is) that is not really a license change, but looks like something I typed up myself on the computer, for four and a half years. What are you thoughts?
Also - Thanks again for all of your input on this forum. I may be the first one to groan and complain about some of NMCs policies, but you are an invaluable resource here, and have probably saved myself and others countless hours of time and heartache in licensing matters.

MMC changed the endorsement sheets. I think there will be a attachment to a page in your MMC.
Lately, I have seen just a few weeks turn around on complete applications straight from the REC’s, but the ones that received additional information from the applicants have moved much, much slower…after getting the additional information. Maybe someone is trying to say something.
They’re not stupid. NMC is seeing the trend of people sending in incomplete applications by design thinking that the process with be that much further along by the time they really get what they lacked. Seems like complete gets the most attention by recent trends. Just an observation

I’m seeing exactly what anchorman is saying right now. A friend of mine put in an application for a PIC on the same day mine did - his is “Ready to be evaluated,” while mine is “Awaiting more info,” even though they got the information a week and a half ago. Nevermind that the information they needed is a physical that they lost when they moved the files down to WV, but that’s for another gripe.

We do NOT encourage submitting incomplete applications. The “90-day rule” was set up to DISCOURAGE this practice.

Whatever you do, you will not get the endorsement sheet. They are now a thing of the past, everyone now gets the new MMC no matter whether you’re applying for an original, a renewal, replacement of a lost document, etc.

Thanks again