3A/E license requirements


What paperwork do I need to submit to start the proses for 3A/E license?
Also, I don’t have my letters of recommendation yet. Can I submit my seatime and start the evaluation and then just give the CG whatever documents they need as I go? I really want to do this as fast as I can. I’ll be going back to sea for 2-3 month and don’t want to delay the proses for that long.
I know I should’ve gotten of my lazy *** and collected all the necessary documents long time ago instead of waiting till the last minute. But:)


The way I understand it, they only will accept complete applications. That’s the job of the REC. The NMC in trying to avoid piece-meal applications. Once the process gets started, if something is missing, they issue a letter. From that date, you have 90 days to complete the missing items, or the application is voided. At least, that’s what they said a few months ago.